Online Curl Subscriptions

So you may or may not have heard about this but they’re growing in popularity as we speak: Curl Subscriptions. Essentially it is an online club that users pay for by the month and in return club members receive a box of hair care goodies to sample. It seems like an easy and cheap way to please any product junkie. It seemed promising and I can’t pass up a good deal, so I decided to give it whirl.

After researching a few different companies, I selected a popular brand known as CurlKit. For $20 a month club members get a variety a products mailed to their homes and have their bank accounts charged on the 15th of every month. Other than raving reviews of their product sizes (they tend to give out more full size products than their competitors) they were also celebrating their anniversary. This meant TWO full size products in addition to the sample sizes of various other products. CHA-CHING!

But then I started following their Facebook page and the worrying is setting in. Looking through their news feed, I see countless comments about people receiving their April kit damaged or missing products. When I say damaged not I’m talking about just a dinged up box but having actual products damaged as well. More than one user has claimed that a leave in conditioner was completely empty, spilled throughout the entire box creating a gunky mess. Another user has claimed that one of the full-sized products that was supposed to come with the kit just isn’t there at all.

….Oh boy, here comes the drama.

Line after line of complaints about unanswered emails, poor customer service, and threats of canceling subscriptions. People still waiting for their April kit even though they had already been charged for the month of May! Needless to say, this is rubbing me the wrong way.

Now, I had signed up for CurlKit on April the 9th and my checking account was immediately charged the membership fee of $18 (I found a discount code). So it’s only been a little over a week of waiting and praying that my kit comes through intact –but I still have the jitters. So I decided to send a friendly email to the company asking for the status of my order. Because every time that I check online, it says that it’s still being processed. That was on Monday the 15th, so after waiting two days I decided to send another email on Wednesday. Later that night I finally receive a reply email…stating that they only reply to emails sent before 5pm Monday-Friday.

Okaaaay, that wasn’t the question that I asked you, CurlKit.

After receiving this email and seeing so many people claiming that they were already charged for May without receiving this month’s kit, I felt the need to cancel my monthly subscription. I’m still waiting for my kit to come in, eagerly waiting by the door and suffering disappointment whenever it’s just a Penny Saver. I hope that it’s worth the wait and I’ll do a reveal whenever it actually makes it here in one on piece.


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