Welcome to Color Me Curly

This is a personal blog where I’ll detail my daily hair and beauty regimen. This isn’t just a beauty blog, this is an exploration of self and a possible source of encouragement for others. I want to have fun with my natural hair journey and experiment with different products and styles. If someone else can benefit from what I do as well, then bonus points all around!

I am no expert in any way, shape, or form but if I need an expert opinion then that’s why I have a hairdresser on stand-by. I try my best to find the most trust worthy information to share and I wouldn’t share it here if I didn’t believe in it myself. All of the links provided are sources that I use myself and I’ve personally purchased and tried each product that I’ll list in my review section.

I plan on having a Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter account to go along with this site; Tumbr is a bit iffy but we’ll see. In a few days the site will be up to full capacity and I can really get this ball moving. Until then, lots of love!



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