Long Time, No Post (Why Am I Awake?)

It’s been a whirlwind of a summer so far and things are starting to calm down again. I’m finally settling in at work and I’ve been testing out a ton of products. There have been a lot of hit and misses and I’ll go into more detail about those at the end of the week in my catch-up postings.

Although, I do have to say that I’ve gotten a bit…lazy in terms of hair care. I haven’t been wearing my hair out because I just don’t have the time to work with it first thing in the morning anymore. So I bought a wig! I still stick to my normal wash regime, only now I keep my hair in two-strand twists during the week and re-moisturize them once a week. I did have a trim done at the end of May and I cried a bit on the inside but it had to be done. The split ends were getting fierce from the previous winter.

I’m also trying out a few non-hair products, including two different spot-treatments for my hyper-pigmentation, body scrubs, waxes, and post-waxing/shaving treatments. All-in-all, I went on a lot of shopping trips and my product junkie tendencies have sky rocketed. >_<

I will be “officially” recording my skin’s progress with the spot treatments and taking an “official” length check with my hair. I haven’t really seen it in almost 2 months so I’m curious to see if I’ve regained the length from my trim. My hair grows slowly but I’m getting close to the length that I had before I burned it all out with a relaxer back in college.



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