Skin Peels and Spot Treatments

At some point of the past year my skin has hit a new low. Blemishes and break outs abound, with acne scarring in places I haven’t had since high school. I’m tiptoeing the steps to 30 and not 15! So, to try to conquer this onslaught of acne scarring I’ve starting incorporating skin peels and retinoids in my skin care regimen.

In June, I began with a simple spot treatment by Dr. Brandt called “Dark Spots No More” serum. This was recommended to me by a sales associate at Sephora who raved about it for her dark spots. And at $55 a pop, I was hoping that this serum that would do as much for me as it did for her. So the first week of June, I began applying it in the AM and PM after cleansing at directed and since it was summer I also applied my Shiseido sunscreen.

Dr. Brandt's Dark Spots No More

Dr. Brandt’s Dark Spots No More

The results…breakouts galore. More so than I had before I started using the serum! I thought that maybe my skin was just being sensitive and I continued using it into the month of July. But after seeing no visible results after two months of usage, I gave up.

Next on the list was a similar product by Philosophy called “Miracle Worker .” In September I purchased a kit that included the spot corrector cream and anti-aging retinoid pads. I managed to snag it on sale at Sephora for $43 rather than the usual $73 price tag.

Philosophy Dark Spot Correcting System

Philosophy Dark Spot Correcting System

Same as last time, I cleansed my face and applied the retinoid pads and spot cream at night as directed. I also continued to use my sunscreen the next day. I continued this for another two months until the end of October when I ran out of retinoid pads. I did not experience breakouts as I did with the previous serum but I also did not see results in spot correction. The retinoid left my skin feeling a bit sticky and since it was not supposed to be washed off at night, the next morning I felt like I had been rolling around in grease. I still have a ton of the cream left over so I apply it at night simply because I don’t want to waste it.

Once I ran out of the pads, I started using the Shiseido White Lucent skin care line. A bit pricer than my previous endeavors (the full size serum runs $125) but I was hoping that the rave reviews that I had seen online would be worth the price. So I snagged the travel sized kit which included the cleanser, toner, serum, and moisturizer($50) with the purchase of a full-sized Ibuki facial cleanser in October and began round three.

I will say this, I love the moisturizer and the toner, to the point where I bought the full sized products. The smell, the way that it manages to get the dirt and left over make up out, all of it was amazing. But that dark sport serum…I don’t think that it accomplished a single thing in the month and half that I used it. So no luck in the dark spot serum or cream avenues but at least I managed to find a decent facial cleanser and toner.

At this point I had just about given up hope on ever finding anything working. So I advanced to the next stage of skin peels. I started off with a recommendation of Peter Roth’s “Un-Wrinkle Pads”. These came in a container of 60 pre moistened pads and are fortified with amino acids and anti oxidants. I began using them after cleansing at night and rising off with cool water after about 3 minutes to neutralize the peel. After the first week, I noticed an increase in the softness of my skin and a decrease in the size of my pores. But those old acne spots are still being stubborn.

Peter Roth UnWrinkle Pads

Peter Roth Un-Wrinkle Pads

So I decided to bite the bullet and break out the big guns after watching a few reviews on YouTube and purchase my first TCA peel. I decided to start small with a 15% peel from the brand Perfect Image that I found online  for $29 at Walgreens of all places. It came in the mail after just two days and I applied it this morning to test it out.

Perfect Image 15% TCA Peel

Perfect Image 15% TCA Peel

Once again, I cleansed my face and applied my toner. I then took a cotton ball and applied the recommended 1 ml to my face, starting from my forehead and working my way in a sweeping motion down to my chin. Now, I will say that I was expecting excruciating pain and burning along with a ton of frosting from dead skin cells. But all that I experienced was a slight tingling sensation and that was  only after the second pass!

I neutralized the peel with a cold water rinse, patted my face dry, and applied my White Lucent moisturizer. All in all, I really wasn’t too impressed by it, seeing as the results are exactly the same as when I apply my Peter Roth “Un-Wrinkle Pads”. Honestly, I experience more of a tingling sensation using the pads than I did with this. Granted, my skin is soft to the touch, it’s just not what I expected.

Maybe this brand isn’t as strong as others. Maybe I have to try three passes next time instead of two, or possibly I have to give it more time before I start to see results. Long story short, I have yet to find anything that works for me regarding this acne spots. I did find a few gems for other problem areas but it looks like the hunt is still on for a scarring solution.

After the 15% TCA peel

After the 15% TCA peel

During the first pass of the peel

During the first pass of the peel


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