Bliss Starter Series Poetic Waxing

A little while ago I decided that I was tired of shaving my underarms and bought the Poetic Waxing Starter Series Kit by Bliss. I had heard that waxing was supposed to be superior to shaving in terms of reducing hair growth. It’s also supposed to minimize that weird darkness in the underarm area that sometimes appears from prolonged shaving.

Bliss Poetic Waxing Starter Kit

Bliss Poetic Waxing Starter Kit

The Poetic Waxing Starter Series comes with:

  • 8 facial waxing strips
  • 18 body waxing strips
  • .16 fl oz of azulene oil
  • 3 ingrown eliminating pads (my kit had 4 so a lucky mistake for me!)

I did find out that when the box says 8 strips, they really mean four strip sets that turn into eight when pulled apart after applying heat. So the 18 body strips are actually nine and 18 when pulled apart. Yes, I was a bit sad when I opened the package and discovered this little tid-bit.

Now, I’ve only tried waxing my underarms once before and that was back in 2006, so I was not prepared for the pain. I thought, if I can handle the hot comb then I can take a small waxing! Wrong. Dead wrong.

My first mistake was in trying to make the strips last longer, so I cut the first one in half and only half of a strip on each underarm. The flaw here was that the wax wasn’t enough to cover the entire area, so I spent five applications getting the hair off. By the time I was finished my underarms were red and swollen. I didn’t even know that I could turn red!

I used a drop of the oil on a cotton ball to rub the residue wax off. A little goes a long way with this stuff but the cotton did leave traces on my skin that I had to pick off later. My fatal flaw was immediately using an ingrown eliminating pad after waxing. This girl did not read the instructions because if I had I would have read that you’re supposed to wait at least one day. It burned, really badly, and made the swelling worse. Lesson: always read the instructions.

I did have a better experience after I stopped cutting this stuff in half but I was trying to save money! This kit retails for $22 at Sephora and Ulta so I wanted to get the most bang for my buck. But I guess there are some areas that you shouldn’t try to skim on product to save and this was one of those cases.

I’ve been using this kit since February and I wax every two weeks when the hair growth reaches about a quarter of an inch. It seems like a lot of hair but any longer and it hurts way too much. If your hair is too long, I suggest trimming with a pair of scissors or cuticle scissors.

I’ll spare you and not show my underarms, that’s a bit too weird of a thing to share. We aren’t that close yet, maybe next time!


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